Spiritual Director

The spiritual journey is never one that travels in a straight line or is something that can be neatly packaged in a 3 step how-to process.  Rather it is a way of relating to the world that requires companions on the way to wrestle with issues of faith, doubt, belonging, and purpose.  Spiritual direction is an important companion for the journey of faith.  I have over 20 years of experience in leading individuals and groups in spiritual formation practices that can deepen our communion with God and with each other.  

Saint Ignatius

Contemplative Practices

In a world filled with noise Christians may be now more than ever open to experiencing the rich tradition of mystical practice that includes silence, solitude, and meditation.  Using techniques such as Centering prayer I seek to explore these forgotten and recently rediscovered aspects of our spiritual experience that we might more fully know their transforming power in our lives.

Ignatian Spirituality 

Ignatian Spirituality helps develop an interior freedom and spiritual indifference that helps us deal with the disordered attachments we develop in our life.  I first discovered these Ignatian principles when I went through the Spiritual Exercises he developed.  The spiritual formation practices and concepts I learned from 'St. Iggy' are ones I incorporate and encourage in my spiritual direction sessions. From practicing a daily Awareness Examen, to the understanding that all things are for the greater glory of God, St. Ignatius has a lot to teach us on the spiritual journey.