Let's Reimagine Christianity

Through Creative and Authentic

Community, Worship, and Spiritual Practice.

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Church Planting Coach [community]

As a pastor at Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community I have first hand church planting experience.  I also currently work as the Coaching Associate with 1001 New Worshiping Communities of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

worship consultant

Specializing in creative expressions of worship I develop dramatic liturgies and have been creating worship experiences that integrate mental health concerns and care into the service.

Spiritual Director 

Working in the Ignatian spiritual tradition I do spiritual direction with individuals and groups in one on one and retreat settings.  Currently I am participating in the Transforming Community leadership program of the Shalem Institute. 


"It was my greatest consolation to gaze upon the heavens and the stars, which I often did, and for long stretches at a time, because when doing so I felt within myself a powerful urge to be serving our Lord."   

-- St. Ignatius

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 I explore these main themes of Community, Worship and Spiritual Practice through creative and engaging presentations that include drama, conversation, and participation.

For individual events, conferences, or retreats. Topics include:

  • Reconstructing Faith: Reaching the Nones and Dones
  • Ignatian Spirituality for Missional Practice
  • Connecting Spirituality and Mental Health in Community
  • Contemplative Prayer Retreat

"Though my soul may set in darkness,

it will rise in perfect light;

I have loved the stars too fondly

to be fearful of the night."

-- Sarah Williams, The Old Astronomer

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